Hiring Managers

Step 1: Read all directions below and open the ETS Requisition Form

Requisition Directions

If you already have a Department Identified Candidate for your opening enter the person’s Legal Name and Email Address in the fields provided on the Requisition Form.

Any approvers added to the requisition will be able to see your requisition and the status of the Requisition.

In addition to the information above make sure you have the following:

  • Job Title
  • Contact Phone Number for the person filling out the order
  • Assignment Supervisor - full name, phone number, and email address
  • Smart Key
  • The default Kronos Lunch Break (if applicable)
  • Door access needed for Emory ID Card/Prox card (if applicable)
  • Skill Set Needed
  • Beginning Date of Assignment
  • Assignment Length and Desired Start Date
  • Work Location
  • Mailstop
  • Work Hours, Lunch Break Length
  • Dress Code
  • Reason for Assignment (i.e. special project, vacation fill-in, illness in department)
  • Health and Safety information about the job

Step 2: Fill out all Page 1 information and click Next button.Step 3: Route the requisition form for Approval.

Step 3:  Fill out all Page 2 information including approver information and click Submit button.

Time Saving Feature for Future Requests

To save time completing future requisitions, any Closed requisition can be reused by going to ETS Requisitions Closed view. Click the desired Req # then click the Repeat Requisition button at the bottom of the Requisition. You will be asked to review and complete the partially filled out new requisition.

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